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Japanese Classical Dance for the 21st Century



舞台芸術の創造の場を求めて「集団 日本舞踊21」と名付けられました。

Nihon Buyo 21 is a NPO that aims at finding positive initiatives to work for the transmission and spread of the traditional performing art of Japanese classical dance. It includes performers regardless of school of dance who are at the top of their profession and active both inside and outside of Japan. Activities include the production of performances and other projects that can allow contemporary to experience Japanese classical dance close up.


We named the group “Nihon Buyo 21” to reflect our goal of thinking of what Japanese classical dance should be in the 21st century and to create new places of creative work so that the people of today can encounter this art form.



Aim of the Group’s Activities

Japanese classical dance is an important form of traditional performing art and this group has been formed to think about the future of Nihon Buyo. Through activities that will both help support the creation of professional performers and make opportunities for contact with top performers for the transmission of advanced performance skills and activities to make the younger generation aware of Japanese classical dance, both in Japan and abroad, this group will work for the development of Japanese culture and international interchange.





History of the Group

The group began in 1996 as a collection of like-minded individuals before being officially recognized as an NPO (Non Profit Organization) in 2003. In addition to top level Japanese classical dancers who are active both inside and outside of Japan, the group includes as members specialists in writing dance scenarios, lighting design, stage artistic designers, criticism and historical research, in order to make a comprehensive approach to the creation of expression on stage.


Also, in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of our start we have established an international division that will work to introduce Japanese classical dance to non-Japanese through such means as organizing workshops for non-Japanese both inside and outside of Japan for non-Japanese to experience classical Japanese dance and to have English language translations on our home page and in the programs for our performances.

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